Board Members

debbie_1Deborah Thornton Executive Director                                                                                                               

Deborah is the Executive Director of KH Edutainment and also serves as the President of our Board.  Deborah holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  She has served our students and community for over 25 years.  She believes that with the right support and encouragement students will rise above any obstacles that they may encounter.  In today’s society, we must strive to teach and model appropriate social interactions for our next generation.  We must gain their attention and help them to see the importance of staying in school and engaging in lifelong learning, so they can choose the future of their dreams!



Norkita O’Neal Board Member

Norkita brings 15 years of experience as a Program Director for R’Club.  Her expertise in the developmental needs of the children we serve is a great resource to our organization. Norkita is involved in a wide variety of youth activities and understands the need for parental involvement for the success of our next generation.




Robin Rockhold Board Member

Robin a business women working for over 30 years at Lockheed Martin, brings a unique perspective and passion to our organization. Her experience in navigating and networking with a wide variety of large companies helps move our organization to new heights. Her can-do attitude motivates others to be a part of the success of our next generation.




Margaret Holler Board Member

Margaret a retired educator became Program Director for Blessings in a Backpack Pinellas Chapter three years ago. Margaret strives for all students to have the needed nutrition and social supports to be successful in school. Her company supports students with nutritional meals while they are not at school.  “It’s for the kids” is her commitment in all that she does! She ensures our compass is always pointed to the students we serve.




Joy Washington Board Member/Secretary

Joy holds a Bachelors degree in Human Services and has been serving the Tampa Bay community for over 18 years.   Joy’s knowledge in the mental health needs of the communities we serve helps focus our educational programs.  Her ability to see all people as a valuable part of our communities helps us engage everyone.



carl_1Carl Holler Board Member

Carl, a prominent real estate agent in the Tampa Bay area brings a knowledge of business start-up and marketing to our organization.  His passion is to see our next generation become future leaders and entrepreneurs.   His knowledge of business ownership and building an organization from the ground up is a true asset.