K-H Edutainment To “Inspire” Our Next Generation

K-H Edutainment was founded by Corey Thornton. He started with a vision of creating a brighter safer future for our youth and young adults. In today’s society, many youth are exposed to violence and community influences that negatively affect their ability to make positive choices. Impactful educational sessions and positive role models are a necessity for our youth to be successful. K-H Edutainment believes that if we can reach them early enough we can make a difference in their life.

Our Vision is to continue educating motivating and inspiring youth to make positive life changes, not just a few thousand but millions of future adults across the world.

Our mission is to educate our young people through relevant educational programs and mentoring opportunities that will proactively impact their future choices and decisions.

Our goal is to educate today’s youth through music, mentoring and real life conversations. We teach and encourage them to lead a positive and productive life. Each individualized educational presentation is informative and relates to all the issues youth are dealing with. We “edutain” children of all ages on how to lead a successful life, stay in school and ultimately graduate!

Corey Thornton Featured on “Bay News 9 Everyday Hero”