What We Do


Our educational programs began by emphasizing positive messages such as courage, confidence, respect, and honor using music to translate these important qualities through an interactive school assembly. We have had great success “edutaining” in over 700 schools on social emotional expectations, goal setting, anti-bullying and more. These energizing motivational concerts continue to change the lives of thousands of students nationwide.

Currently, our programs include individualized focused educational sessions and mentoring for youth of all ages. Our “R.A.P” sessions were created to engage smaller groups focused on building and teaching specific skills for youth aged 6-17.

K-H has also expanded our services to provide on the job training and business success coaching for young adults. We have found that upon graduation young people are having a tough time deciding on what to do next. Preparing and planning for independence is a difficult concept when the job market is tough and communities are struggling. Through an application process we select young adults to participate in this life changing program.